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G2X TAKE: Veterans Affairs continues to award contracts and tasks at a breakneck pace. In an effort to keep you up to date, included here are just a few of the announced awards that have been released over the last few days.

FTC picks up yet another task, a 4 year $7M task to conduct performance testing on VBA Client-Server, VBA Web-based, Batch, Chapter 33, VACERT and VRM/CRM applications.

B3 Group beats out 6 others to pick up their second task, a 3 yr effort for VA IT Operations, Sustainment and Infrastructure Support

Triple-i wins a 1 year task at VA to support UC PM and PjM Support efforts

By Light adds a 2 year $2.1M task to provide Identity Verification Maintenance Support to the VA

ManTech is awarded an 8 month $2.5M task for VA VistA Imaging maintenance and sustainment

BITS beats out 2 others to secure a 2.5 year 3.8M task at VA for Applied Informatics Program Support Services

BITS also beat out one other to pick up a 4 year $8.3M task at VA for Business Intelligence Solution Services

As for a couple of larger contract awards- 

Liberty IT Solutions grabbed another early win as they added this 3 year $44.3M task at VA to provide management consulting for process improvement, analysis, compliance and agreement benefit modeling, workflow management tools and training.

DSS adds a 3 year $24.8M win for Prosthetics and Logistics GUI overlay task order #2 for 77 VA sites. This includes software, maintenance, installation and training.

These come on the heels of several more awards we noted on Monday of this week.

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