​AWARD: FDA Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) IDIQ

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G2X TAKE: Beating out 12 other bidders, this 5.5 year IDIQ to support the configuration, integration, implementation and deployment of the new Electronic Laboratory Notebook was awarded to two small firms – LabAnswer and Core Informatics.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide researchers from across the FDA with the ability to replace their hand-written official laboratory paper notebooks with a technology solution that can be used to document research, experiments, and procedures performed in a laboratory. ELN will also allow for the direct incorporation of data from laboratory instruments to streamline the process of recording statistics, instrumentation test results, graphs, and charts.

This enterprise contract positions both firms as a potential partner and competitor on future bioinformatics and technology initiatives supporting the many FDA research efforts. This is the second big win at FDA this quarter as they were also recently awarded prime position on a $100M BPA to support FDA Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Integration efforts

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