​Award: DHA J&A sheds light on ongoing CARMS/CBAS and GRAMS battles

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Capability and Requirements Management Support (CARMS) and Information Management Business Architecture Support (CBAS) - 45 day extension

This award for extension will provide Transition Out support for the DHA Information Management (IM), Office for Requirements Management Support and Business Architecture support for the IM Office to include: requirements development and management processes; Military Health System (MHS) IM/Information Technology (IT) investment and sustainment portfolio capabilities activities; functional requirements submissions; development and management of MHS IM/IT functional requirements; Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process and documentation; Post Implementation Reviews; and requirements reviews during IT lifecycle acquisition phases. In addition, support will include Architecture and Standards Development and Management Support for the IM Office to include support for: architecture strategies & guidelines; operational and data architecture products; architectural and standards analysis; architectural and standards committees and workgroups; Federal and External partner architectural analysis and alignment; health information standards; data management; and modeling and simulation. The listed support will also be provided to various efforts under the Functional Champion (FC) Office.

Because of the delays, a new short term contract will be awarded though the Small Business Program to allow for continued support for Capability and Requirements Management Support and Information Management Business Architecture Support. Transition time from Deloitte to the new vendor is critical because deployment activities of a major project that IM supports (MHS GENESIS) is scheduled at the end of February 2017…

The full J&A can be found by clicking here.

G2X TAKE: The announcement late last week of a 45 day $1.2M extension is itself, not all that interesting, but the information provided as part of the Justification & Approval highlights the broader impact this action and a separate planned award to an 8(a) will have related to deployment activities for MHS GENESIS.

The J&A has a distinct purpose, which is not to provide all details. As such, it leaves many unanswered questions, but DHA does provide some additional insight into historical challenges this group has faced in getting this work competed over the years, their near term plans to have the current contractor transition out, a planned direct award to an 8(a) and ongoing efforts around the $80M Governance, Requirements, and Architecture Management Support (GRAMS) contract.

This also goes a long way to answering some questions about ASRC Federal’s aggressive hiring strategy announced last month – details here.

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