CDC Event Response Platform, DCIPHER, awarded to Palantir

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G2X TAKE: The CDC was clear in their expressed urgency to stand up this rapidly deployable, web-based IT platform that can integrate, manage, analyze, report on and share data related to support of public health response activities during a pandemic instance, such as Ebola. Given this, GAO and CDC were quick in their decision and actions to dismiss a protest of this award in February.

With initial funding of $8M, Palantir picked up this task award for the Data Collation and Integration for Public Health Module Responses (DCIPHER) for Ebola Event Response Platform. This is a strategic win for Palantir as the CDC has outlined a desire to grow and leverage this platform for other similar pandemic issues, such as we have seen with the Zika virus.

** Update- this was a 4 year task valued at $10.7M. There were 3 other bids. 

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