DHA Clinical Information System Trainers task awarded

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Updated 8.30.17

G2X TAKE: GAO is now listing the latest protest by LOUi Consulting related to this $30M task to provide training support services for various legacy software applications as being Denied. 

Updated 8.22.17

G2X TAKE: While the current protest does remain open with GAO, an award notice in the amount of $23.4M was finally released yesterday, officially confirming that DHA has handed this contract back to the original awardee, Systems Plus. Note the DoD can opt to hold award data as much as 90 days. 

This has been a back and forth affair with a rarity of two successful protests. With this much on the line, neither of these two small businesses appear ready to walk away from existing work. The latest challenge put forth by LOUi Consulting is expected to be resolved by no later than September 11.

Updated 6.5.17

G2X TAKE: Only a few weeks removed from GAO providing a detailed rationale for the denial of any protest efforts related to this $30M task to provide training support services for various legacy software applications, yet another action was filed with GAO yesterday - this time by the current known awardee.

Details are limited at this point and we won't speculate as to the reason for the action taken by LOUi Consulting Group, but the item listed as a "Bid Protest" on the GAO site may be of interest to those following this award closely. The current due date for the action to be resolved is not until September of 2017. More will be posted when and if it is made available.

Updated 5.16.17

G2X TAKE: A series of protests related to this 21-month $30.5M contract to provide Clinical Information Systems Training appears to be, at least temporarily, resolved.

Initially awarded to Systems Plus last Fall, a protest was filed by two firms,

Nolij Consulting and LOUi Consulting Group.


After evaluating and taking corrective action, it appears the contract was then awarded to LOUi Consulting late last year, with protests put forth by Nolij Consulting, Technology, Automation & Management, Inc. and Systems Plus. The latest and last open protest was announced as being denied early this week. Details as to the grounds for the protest are limited at this time, but will be posted here when and if they are made available.


Added 3.15.17

G2X TAKE: Beating out 6 other bidders, this small business was recently awarded a 21-month task to provide Clinical Systems Trainers to the Defense Health Agency, with more than $12M obligated upon award.

Awarded to LOUi Consulting Group, it is not entirely clear how and if this award ties back to a similar task awarded last Fall. Regardless, this is a big win for this small Warner Robins, GA based DoD contractor with more than "15 years of experience in engineering, integrating and maintaining hardware and software systems for the military."

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** Do note that DoD posts their contractual data as much as 90 days after award for security purposes.

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