5 Small Businesses awarded new Enterprise Agile Transformation Services (EATS) BPA at CMS

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Updated 09/15/17

The first two tasks have been awarded on EATS - 

The first task order, a 2-year effort has been awarded to Octo Consulting Group to support the Agile Transformation effort and further the adoption of identified initiative backlog and roadmap for changing the CMS culture to include an enterprise-wide IT Agile and iterative development way of conducting business;

The second task order, a 1-year task order was awarded to Agile Six to provide Agile Coaching

Posted 09/13/17

G2X TAKE: About as efficient as you can get - 5 bidders and 5 awardees for the new EATS BPA, designed to support CMS agile transformation efforts by providing coaching support services in areas such as IT management and governance, business process analysis, user-centered design, agile solution architecture and design, agile application development, and DevOps.

The 5 awardees include a mix of both new and familiar faces in CC Pace Systems, Coveros, Agile Six, ASSYST and Octo Consulting Group, the latter of which picked up a task at CMS this past spring to provide the agency with comprehensive agile training. This BPA was competed as a small business set-aside.The COR on this is understood to be Mellissa Cohen, who has been actively driving efforts at CMS around the Center for Enterprise Agility, which is the effort this BPA supports.  

Two task orders were released with the solicitation, the first to support Enterprise Transformation efforts, and the second for Agile Coaching.  The task awards have not been formally announced yet, but have been made. We will update when they are officially released.




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