About G2Xchange Health

G2Xchange Health is an online community platform developed exclusively for the Federal Health IT executive responsible for growth.

Growing business in this market is not easy and a lot is expected of you.

In addition to being asked to identify, pursue, capture and write winning proposals, you are expected to serve as the chief researcher, marketing engine, subject matter expert, relationship czar, contract negotiator, and be able to write like the wind on any topic. And this is the work you do outside of the day to day activities required to run a business.

You are busy.

Founded by veteran Federal Health IT professionals, with nearly 30 years of experience growing business in the Federal Health IT market, the primary mission for G2X is to provide its members with timely real and actionable intelligence that will enable you to make better decisions and to ultimately be better positioned to win new work in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

G2X Health is designed to save you valuable time and money by focusing on a few key areas:

Forums. The G2X Health site offers real-time data and information on the top contract opportunities in the Federal Health IT space today. Our exclusive focus on the Federal Health IT marketplace ensures we will unearth the types of intelligence and information about opportunities that you can really use

Community. G2X Health is a social media platform and community site that enables you to engage with your colleagues in the Federal Health IT marketplace.

Daily Take E-Mail Newsletter. Each day, G2X Health members will receive an e-mail newsletter that highlights key news, events, and changes in the Federal Health marketplace.We understand you are on the go and unlikely to visit the site every day, so the newsletter offers a summary of major opportunities, upcoming conferences and events, key awards, merger and acquisitions, job listings, and industry moves (executive comings and goings). We help save you time and money by aggregating and curating the most important information to keep you up to speed and ensure you don’t miss anything.

Events. We continually scan the landscape to identify and aggregate the most relevant Federal Health IT events. The G2X Health site includes a searchable event calendar and our Daily Take newsletter will tell you where you need to be, including whether an event is near capacity or if the deadline for an early bird discount is approaching.

The annual membership fee for G2X Health is only $365.

Try it today. We welcome your feedback and insights on how we’re doing.


Questions?. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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